Handcrafts; these are the object that Show changes according to traditions,beliefs,Cultural structures,tastes,historical, social and economic conditions of people and countries.

Due to these features, different handicrafts have been born and developed in different societies and nations throughout history. Today, many of the works exhibited in world museums have been moved from the past to the present and are very valuable examples produced by hand work.

Handcrafts,functions, materials, production techniques,forms, colors and patterns in terms of feature are important and unique.

Material, form, motif, pattern, color and technical information of handcrafts, in a sense know-how, are carried from generation to generation in every society.In the course of time , each country has its own handcraft, although it can very according to the need / conditions and sometimes can’t protect its basic characteristic.

These labor-intensive arts have an economic value for the producers and societies they belong to. It has an important place in employment and is an area where female labor is also active.

Handcrafts are an environmentally sensitive area that supplies materials in traditional production from the close natural environment.

Hand made tourism souvenirs are one of the most important goods and services that make up the tourism incomeThe history of societies, socio-economic structure, needs, culture, man’s crafts, handicrafts that exemplify concrete examples; as a means of promotion has an important function.

For handicrafts producers; tourist souvenirs, decorative objects used in homes, offices and original personal clothing, accessories are an important market target.

Traditional-cultural values ​​of handicrafts; With artistic designs and high techniques of high aesthetic values, it will represent an important part of the heritage to be transported to future generations.

In this context, introducing the traditional and / or contemporary handicrafts of the world; to acquire new market channels for producers; CRAFTISTANBUL Handicrafts Fair was organized for the purpose of presenting the right and high quality souvenirs to its consumers